The Oxford Cognitive Screen is a short and efficient cognitive screening tool that can be delivered at the bedside in acute stroke.  OCS  is easy to administer and score and importantly is inclusive for patients with aphasia and neglect.   OCS returns a visual snapshot of a patient’s cognitive profile, in a ‘wheel of cognition’, which at a glance demonstrates the specific cognitive domain impairments in Attention, Language, Praxis, Number and Memory.   No specific training outside the manual and online tutorial video is required to administer OCS, though we are happy to help set up local hands-on training courses.  The OCS was developed, normed and validated at the University of Oxford, the endorsed translations of OCS available adhere to a high standard and have been normed and validated for the targeted population. The OCS is freely available for publicly funded clinical and research use. OCS is being licensed via Oxford University Innovations, in order to track uptake.