The Oxford Cognitive Screen brings neuropsychological expertise to cognitive screening in (sub)acute stroke, where long domain specific assessments are not practical due to time and staff pressured environments. The OCS is a short yet informative, domain-specific and Aphasia & Neglect friendly screening tool that particularly picks up and evaluates prevalent post stroke cognitive impairments such as hemispatial neglect, apraxia, and problems in reading and writing.

The OCS, as a domain-specific cognitive screen results in a cognitive profile, highlighting areas of impairment as well as preserved cognitive abilities to give a more informative outcome than an overall ‘cognition pass/fail’.




The clinical community world-wide has been able to access the OCS via a free of charge licence for publicly funded clinical and research use, with >1300 licenced users to date. There has been global adoption with currently 13 language versions available through the OUI licence portal.