No courses or specific in person training is required to administer OCS.  We recommend reading the manual and scoring guides as well as watching the below demonstration video in the first instance (See below).

As with any other assessment, practice makes perfect, and you will improve in fluency and speed, particularly in anticipating the next question/task and being able to move the relevant pages around and swap between the test booklet, the examiner scoring page and the pages for the participant to draw/write on.

In addition, you may find it useful to read through our responses to some Frequently Asked Questions below the video demonstration.

For UK based licencees: Feedback from some OCS users stated that they would find it beneficial to have the option of in person training on how to administer, score and interpret the OCS. Given the wide geographic spread and the difficulties in finding time off to come and be trained directly by us at the University of Oxford, we are interested in setting up different regional centres that can deliver OCS user training closer to home.  We now have set up a ‘train the trainer‘ course on the UK SSEF and have endorsed a first training at Somerset.