Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which device should I use to run OxMET?

If the device can access and download the app from the appstore or google play store, it will run the OxMET, allowing you to explore the app on your phone (note every licence comes with 4 different device activations linked to the same account).

However, when it comes to assessing participants, you should only be using tablet devices to assess respondents, as the stimuli and tasks will become too small.   We recommend a minimum tablet size of 7.5 inches.  We also recommended the use of a pen or stylus to facilitate responses from the respondent.


2. How do I save the visual snapshot report to my local device ?

In order to save the report(s) as an image, which you can then upload/email/print as you require, simply take a screenshot.

How you take a screenshot will depend on your device. If you are not familiar with taking screenshots on your tablet, here are some handy links with instructions for : Ipad  and Samsung Android tablets.  You can search for other device specific information online.


3. What if I have not received my license?

If you have not received your license via email between 3 business days after your request, there may be an issue with the details provided to us via the licensing form. Typically, issues arise with incorrect email addresses or where your email blocks external contacts sending mail to your address etc. Please send us an email on to enquire about your license.