There is no specific formal training required to administer the OCS. Assessors typically are clinically qualified allied health professionals with a background that covers post-stroke cognition.

However, we do advise that people look into the free training opportunities, materials and online modules that are available to ensure OCS is administered, scored and interpreted correctly.

The latest extensive online training modules were developed in collaboration with our Australian colleagues and can be found here. These are online modules that can be freely accessed and we would highly recommend these, especially if you are new to cognitive screening or new to working in the area of stroke.

A manual and scoring guide are also provided with the licenced materials. In addition, we have developed a series of videos to help understand the background, administration and interpretation of the OCS.

As with any other assessment, practice makes perfect, and you will improve in fluency and speed with practice. For example, in anticipating the next question/task and being able to move the relevant pages around and swap between the test booklet, the examiner scoring page and the pages for the participant to draw/write on.

In addition, you may find it useful to read through our responses to some Frequently Asked Questions.

For UK based licencees: We have also set up a ‘train the trainer‘ course on the UK SSEF to help you deliver OCS training in-person for your clinical setting.


How to administer the OCS

How to Score, Interpret and Report