There is currently no formal training required to administer the OCS. There is a manual and scoring guide provided with the licenced materials. In addition, we have developed a series of videos to help understand the background, administration and interpretation of the OCS. Assessors typically are clinically qualified allied health professionals with a background that covers post-stroke cognition.

As with any other assessment, practice makes perfect, and you will improve in fluency and speed with practice. For example, in anticipating the next question/task and being able to move the relevant pages around and swap between the test booklet, the examiner scoring page and the pages for the participant to draw/write on.

In addition, you may find it useful to read through our responses to some Frequently Asked Questions.

For UK based licencees: We have set up a ‘train the trainer‘ course on the UK SSEF to help you deliver OCS training for your clinical setting.


How to administer the OCS

How to Score, Interpret and Report