Privacy Notice

We are collecting the following data for the purposes of linking licenses to individuals at institutions, and in future, for the purposes of summarising the spread and usage of the OxMET. Data collected on this form will be transferred from the website as soon as practicably possible to locally encrypted computers at the University of Oxford and will only be accessible to relevant members of the Translational Neuropsychology Research Group. 

Data from this form will be securely stored and linked with a unique ID associated with the licensing code used to activate your download of the OxMET. Data collected on this form will be stored securely until the OxMET is no longer distributed. We may use the email address provided on this form to request feedback about the use or functionality (or related aspects) of the OxMET. You have a right to withdraw the information provided on this form at any time without providing any reason.  

By filling out the license registration form below, you acknowledge the above privacy notice and terms and conditions regarding your data supplied and you certify you give consent for the processing and storage of the data collected on this form for the purposes outlined above. To withdraw your data, please contact In withdrawing, you revoke any and all rights to the license to use and lawful usage of the OxMET.


NOTE: Please email us on if you do not receive your license with 7 days, as there may have been an error on your registration form or an issue with your email address. Please do not apply for another license.
IMPORTANT: We do not give licenses with the intended use of self-diagnosis or assessment.
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